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Hyla’s professional Sanitation and Disinfection service supports businesses to combat the COVID19 emergency by eliminating viral, bacterial and protozoal pathogens from workplaces and common environments.

The effectiveness of the service has been assessed according to European standard EN 14476: the test showed that the system, after only 15 seconds, was able to reduce the viral load by more than 99.99%, more than required by the reference standard.

Our proposal provides for the formulation of a Sanitation plan for the environments in line with the specific needs of the client and in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health Directive no. 5443 of 22/02/2020:

  • Interventions and procedures targeted according to the premises to be treated (Offices, Break Areas, Production Facilities, Toilets, Common Parts, Corridors, Stairs and Elevators).
  • Products based on Sodium Hypochlorite, Ethanol/Hydrogen Peroxide, according to the characteristics of the areas and surfaces to be treated

It is also foreseen the use of ULV nebulizers producing micro-particles with a diameter between 1 and 30 microns, particularly light, which will have a high residence time in the air, a peculiarity that increases the functionality and performance of the chemical product.

Timely interventions all over the national territory

Sanitation Certificate

  • Environmental Sanitation
  • Air Conditioning Systems Sanitation
  • Supply of Protective Equipment for the community and individuals
  • Crisis management consultancy COVID-19

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