Hyla Srl

Thanks to the expertise gained over the years Hyla offers its clients first class Property Management services, essential for the management of real estate, with the aim of preserving or increasing the value and profitability of each individual Asset.
Our team of Property Managers, with a strategic vision of the asset, accompanies the client in every phase of the real estate development process, dealing with fiscal, administrative and operational activities.
Asset management takes place with a view to sustainable development through constant asset monitoring. In addition, the experience gained in the field of Facility Management, allows us to select highly specialized partners and to provide timely responses to the needs, ensuring the maintenance of the usability of the spaces and further enhancing the return on investment.

Technical-administrative management of entire real estate portfolios held by one or more investors with the aim of contracting costs by capitalizing the investments increasing the value of the asset by renegotiating the lease contracts.

  • Management of lease contracts from the first registration to the invoicing of rents
  • Management of registration taxes
  • Management of guarantees (Sureties)
  • Management and calculation of Municipal Taxes (IMU,TASI) and local taxes
  • F24 compilation
  • Monitoring of receipts
  • Calculation of accessory charges
  • Management of maintenance services with planning of maintenance, preventive, corrective, emergency and extraordinary maintenance, site visits planned on the buildings, optimization of the systems
  • Management of building services such as supply and service contracts, e.g. energy, cleaning, concierge services, greenery management, etc.
  • Identification of the assets to be disposed of
  • Sharing of the Marketing plan
  • Preparation of the document file
  • Assistance to inspections with potential purchasers and investors
  • Due Diligence of partisan real estate
  • Support to the notarial deed with preparation of the document file

Analysis of service performance in order to improve economic conditions with respect to the result of the service itself. Continuous processes of analysis of the services market and purchasing activities.

Absolving roles of: General and specialist Works Management, Safety Coordination during the Design and Execution phase, Works Manager, Tester

Integrated Design: Preliminary Design, Authorisation Design, Final Design, Executive Design

Feasibility Studies: Preliminary assessment of the insertion of the design concept on the intervention area, analysing technical and administrative constraints; Preliminary technical and economic assessment of the intervention, Temporal definition of the intervention for the main development phases of the Job Order (permitting, design, tenders, construction). Graphic predisposition of the technical and design documentation of the intervention proposal

  • Architectural, topographical, 3d laser scanner, texture calculation, digital graphic restitution; Plant Surveys
  • Data-room and document cataloguing (paper and/or computerized)
  • Urban - building, cadastral and ownership analysis; Legal and administrative analysis; Building and plant engineering analysis; Environmental analysis; Rental analysis
  • Determination of CAP.EX. Definition of the scheduled maintenance plan
  • Town planning - building, cadastral, administrative, fiscal and legal regularization activities
  • Verification of Energy Certifications. Certifications of cadastral compliance ex L.122/10
  • Drawing up of urban planning feasibility studies. Development and loan monitoring for progress verification, SAL approval. Definition of reconstruction values for insurance purposes
  • Monitoring of building services and maintenance in case of double net contracts
  • Periodical verification of compliance with contractual obligations by the conductors, verification of maintenance interventions resulting from accidental damage events
  • Information and reporting with the punctual and constant drafting of information notes and periodic reports for the client