Hyla Srl

Managerial Consulting Milan

The main challenge for every company is to be able to face in a timely and effective way the changing needs of the market, those within the organization as well as the more or less complex changes that result. Companies are not always able to provide an adequate and rapid response that can successfully overcome difficulties.
For this reason, it is important to entrust the management of these changes to experts in management consulting who combine their experience with specific methodologies adapted to the needs, allowing them not only to manage them to their advantage but also to anticipate and anticipate them.
Our objective is to accompany Clients along this path, analyse the processes that structure their business and find the most effective form for constant growth.

Development of a strategic plan for the improvement and development of the entire company or specific business areas, also in relation to competitive positioning and new market scenarios. The objectives are established and the means, tools and individual actions to be taken in the medium-long term to achieve them are identified. Analysis and monitoring of results.

Cross-cutting analysis and mapping of the primary process and the company's support processes to identify points of inefficiency, critical points, areas for improvement. Design of new processes and efficient and functional business solutions through a better management of resources. The result will be a streamlined and flexible structure that will allow the company to react promptly to new internal and market needs, strengthening its competitiveness.

Overhaul of organisational structures and internal company processes with consequent development of a new human resources management system. Transfer of new skills to the company and analysis and monitoring of results. This applies to situations such as generational changeover processes, temporary support to newly appointed managers, implementation of innovation structures in the company, etc.