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Hyla was founded in 2010 under the name of TecnoEuropa Real Estate, a company dedicated to the provision of design, construction and maintenance services for building and civil works, real estate, commercial and financial activities. Over time Hyla has also acquired solid expertise in sectors closely related to Real Estate: Facility Management and Property Management, making Sustainable Development the cornerstone of its management philosophy (Energy Management).

From the tertiary sector (offices, hotels, large-scale retail trade), industrial to residential, for private clients and public administrations, in Italy and abroad, Hyla represents the evolution of the meaning of “integrated services” for all companies that aim at the excellence of their core business and the enhancement of their resources (human, real estate), which are looking for a partner able to offer a complete response to their real needs.

The innovative solutions offered and the high degree of specialization of our professionals in every line of business, make us a unique partner on the market, able to offer with quality and speed all the services accompanying the client’s core business and to satisfy every need, from Real Estate, Property Management, Facility Management and Energy Management to Management Consulting and Health&Safety Services.

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We operate with the highest honesty and transparency towards the customer who finds in us a reliable, responsible and loyal partner.


We always act with the highest respect for people, be they clients or employees, creating lasting relationships of esteem and trust.


It is an essential value of our corporate culture. The continuous professional growth of our employees allows us to provide increasingly innovative and effective solutions, guaranteeing customer satisfaction in the short and long term.


The skills and professionalism of our employees ensure targeted and timely interventions in real time. Customer never feels alone.


Customer satisfaction is ours, which is why every day we are committed to guaranteeing excellent services through innovative and customised solutions.

What we believe in defines who we are and the principles on which we base our daily commitment to our customers and employees.

The integrated method of design, management, planning and service delivery is the core of our innovative solutions. Relying on a partner such as Hyla to run non-core services enables companies to streamline their management processes and focus internal resources on their business.

This benefit is made possible by Hyla’s governance structure, customized for each order and implemented by specialist figures such as Facility Managers and Property Managers.

These professionals represent the client’s point of reference and have the task of monitoring and analyzing the performance of the services required, ensuring that performance is increased in the short, medium and long term through corrective actions and the re-engineering of internal processes.

This results in improved performance and reduced costs for the customer.

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